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This is real talk. I was so overwhelmed with the workload today and most of all frustrated about the shortage of PPEs available to us to help fight the corona pandemic.
I went to the bathroom, I cried and cried some more, I looked at the mirror and cried even more loudly. I washed my face and then walked out.

Leaving the bathroom, I went straight to my patient’s room to help her out with her oxygen. She was Covid-19 positive. When I was leaving she said to me: “thank you and God bless you. You’re an angel”
Those words reminded me of why I was here and why I chose this field.

This is indeed a tough time to be in healthcare due to how healthcare workers are overlooked and treated. We are standing at the frontlines fighting this situation but we are not given the adequate or proper equipment to do so.

We are asked to recycle our masks and gowns for every shift. The N95 mask is so limited that you can only get it when you need to perform invasive procedures such as tracheal intubation, suctioning etc. In exception of an invasive procedure, you’re on your own.

Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare workers are out here risking their lives while the people to protect us look away.
As of yesterday, the number of Covid-19 victims were over 100,000 in America and still counting and out of this number were healthcare workers.

Majority of healthcare workers are beginning to get infected by the virus while others are quitting their jobs because of the inhumane and harsh conditions we are asked to work in. It’s Like we signed a death warrant when we chose to be medical providers.
If healthcare workers get sick, then there is a huge problem and trust me that’s the kind of problem you won’t wish for in times like this.

All I’m asking you, while the government keep delaying on doing their jobs in protecting us, you can do something to help too.


This is no fake news!

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